A Concrete Patio Cost Estimate

One of the classic things to install at your home is a concrete patio. This is a popular option because of the concrete patio is strong, durable, and relatively inexpensive to install. If you are beginning your research process, you’re probably wondering about the concrete patio cost. This article cannot substitute for proper estimator working on your job, but it will give you some guidance as to what the price may be, as well factors that could affect the final price.

Factors That Affect Patio Cost

Obviously, one of the main benefits of the concrete patio and the reason why many homeowners install one is its price. Concrete patios are cheap options when compared to brick, concrete pavers, stone, tile, and other hardscape solutions. However, you don’t want to go with bargain basement concrete, as you’ll have to deal with horrible cracks and other damage in the long run. Thus, make sure you’re getting a good deal, but don’t immediately go with the bargain option. Going for the contractor with the lowest bid is the quickest way to ensure that you’ll have to get the patio reinstalled in a few short years.

There are number of factors that contribute to the overall price of the concrete. The first is, of course, the price of the concrete itself. In addition, there will be other materials that may need to be added to the concrete in order to reinforce it or make it look nice. For instance, wire mesh or rebar might have to be added to ensure that cracks don’t grow too large. In addition, some preparatory work on the foundation or subbase of your new patio may need to be done. The extent of this preparatory work will obviously depend on the particularities of your project. You also have to pay for the molds and forms that may be necessary to create your patio.

In addition, there are other specific factors that may affect the final price. For example, the location of your home, i.e. the standard of living in your area will obviously affect the final cost. To put it simply, contractors in richer areas will just charge more for the same type of work than contractors in a less expensive area. Other minor factors include the time of the year, commodity costs, and the particularities associated with different contractors. Note that a smaller area of your patio will usually cost more per square foot than if your project was a larger area, so it may pay to get multiple places poured or to enlarge the size of your patio, if desired.

All the above deals primarily with poured option. However, it is possible to get large concrete slabs brought into your home and laid like papers. This option will generally be cheaper, as you won’t have to deal with wet concrete, molds, forms, and other aspects of the installation that are somewhat time-consuming and expensive.

The downside to a concrete patio, however, is that it is somewhat boring to look at. The gray and drab concrete certainly does go with most house designs, but it is not the most ideal hardscape solution in most situations. However, for those who want concrete for its cheap price but don’t mind spending a little bit more to improve the look of patio, there are few options available, which will be discussed in the following section.

Other Kinds of Concrete Patios and Their Costs

There many other ideas you can use to spruce up your backyard patio without having to go with more expensive options like pavers and natural stone. For example, it is possible to get stamped concrete patio. This will allow you to create many different designs, such as the appearance of bricks, in your patio without having to actually get paver materials and other expensive options. However, the stamped concrete patio cost will be higher than a that of a typical concrete patio.

Another option at your disposal is to go with a colored concrete patio. You can either do this by having the color mixed into the wet concrete before it’s poured, or by using concrete stainer to color the surface of the patio. Both of these options will incur a slightly increased expense, but it could make your patio quite unique compared to the typical look.

Don’t forget as well that there may be other costs associated with your patio, such as maintenance and upkeep. (See a discussion of concrete patio repair here.) You may also want to get accessories for your new patio, such as a new set of furniture or patio enclosure. For discussion of some outdoor patio ideas and enclosed patio, see these articles that are linked here.

The Verdict

So how much does a concrete patio cost in the final analysis? Obviously, we can only give a rough estimate due to the many different factors at play we comes down to getting estimate. Thus, it’s best if you contact up to three contractors in order to get a proper estimate done for your job.

In general you should expect to pay anywhere from $2.50-$5 per square foot for plain, typical concrete, depending on how complex the job turns out to be. If you begin to get stamped variations, you’ll be in the range of $5-$10 per square foot. As you get more complex, with special designs, stamps, and colors, you’ll be in the range of $10-$15 per square foot and maybe even higher, and at this point it will pay to look into the paving stones option, such as a concrete patio pavers, unless you are dead set on a concrete patio for some reason.

It should be known that the price of concrete is increasing constantly, so you may not get the deal that you got a few years ago any more. Most people will have to settle with the job costing within the four figure region, most often between 2000 and $5000.