Ten Tips for Finding Concrete Molds for Sale

Homeowners are not limited to basic concrete structures – recent innovations allow homeowners, contractors, and DIYers to produce concrete creations that look professionally done. Finding the best concrete molds for sale, however, can be challenging. Here are ten tips to consider:
  1. First, consider the feasibility of making your own forms before looking for concrete molds for sale. This is especially viable if you are making a large structure like a patio, walkway, driveway, slab, etc. where the shape is regular and doesn’t require especially skillful craftsmanship. With these, some boards or foam walls are all you need to create the flat, thick structures you need. However, for more complex molds and shapes, like statue molds and bench molds, you may not be able to make them yourself and thus will have to buy them.
  2. When purchasing your molds, you need to know the kind of project you’re working on, as there will be different molds and forms for different jobs. There is literally a mold or form for anything you can imagine – paver molds, block molds, wall molds and facings for walls, veneers, statues, sinks, tubs, benches, bird baths, stepping stones, balusters and balustrades, and more! There are literally too many different types of molds available to list them all here. In general, if you want to make something out of concrete, you will likely be able to find one for sale or at least be able to make one. Ask a local contractor, manufacturer, concrete expert, or homeowner supply store for more information and advice on specific projects.
  3. There are many different types of materials that the molds are made from. The most basic ones use wood or foam. The more advanced and complex molds will use special kinds of plastic, latex, or rubber.
  4. First check local supply stores, mason yards, contractor supply stores, and home improvement stores. These places will have concrete forms for sale, or at least the items you’ll need to construct your own forms.
  5. For more specialized or specific molds, you may have to go online and look at ecommerce and specialty sites. The offerings online are nearly endless, as you can get various functional and decorative pieces for a good price. You may have to pay more for shipping, especially if they are large, but it may be worth it to get the molds you want.
  6. There are also certain molds that let you ‘mass produce’ smaller pieces that you can put together into larger structures. This includes paver, block, and brick molds. The more bricks you can produce, the quicker you can install your project. These molds may be a great alternative to purchasing concrete pavers, as it’ll be cheaper (though slower) to make them yourself.
  7. Consider as well adding colors and materials to the concrete itself. This can expand the design options available. Don’t forget to get sealant for your concrete creations too.
  8. Consider buying your concrete molds and forms used. If you buy used concrete molds for sale, you will save anywhere from 20 to 50% on the price. You can buy them from homeowners and other people who may be selling them. Check online for cement molds for sale at sites like craigslist and Ebay for leads. As always, be careful when entering in any transactions with individuals you don’t know. There are no guarantees that the products you buy will be in great condition – in fact, there are no guarantees you’ll get your products at all! Always use caution when entering in these transactions to avoid scams. However, if you can deal with the risk, you’ll be able to get molds for low prices.
  9. The cost of the molds you buy will depend on their size, complexity, and so on. For simple shapes, you will pay anywhere from $10 to $40. For more complex designs, such as baluster molds as an example, you can pay hundreds of dollars. Sets will also cost more, as there will be more molds included in order for you to complete all the pieces of the project.
  10. Consider the design possibilities that you can achieve with concrete molds for inside and outside your home – you no longer need to hire a sculpture to chip away at stone or concrete to get you the structures you want, nor do you have to have the structures shipped to you at great cost.