Concrete Pavers Brands: An Overview

There are many different brands of concrete pavers available, covering the tastes of any discriminating home or business owner and fitting within many different budgets. There are also considerable local variations, as smaller, more regional suppliers of pavers may be important players in some areas. What follows is a brief run-down of some of the major brands of concrete pavers, with some information on the manufacturers, the quality and variety of brick, and price. For more detailed reviews on some brands, click “Reviews” in the categories list to the right. (This part of the site is still under construction, especially as we need to continually learn about paver brands in other areas of the country.)

Picking a Paver Brand

When making any decision on color or style, while pictures are an important resource, decisions should not be made based on images alone. Consult several samples of the actual pavers in order to get a better idea of the range of color and the quality of the paving stone. Furthermore, paver colors can vary somewhat from pallet to pallet. In addition, depending on the square footage, certain color patterns (particularly those with three or more colors) will not work, because the project’s not big enough to get an even blend of the colors.

Note that there are other types of pavers out there besides the regular kind that you normally see. For instance, tumbled brick give the pavers a weathered, aged look that may look great in certain applications. The types of paver available and their styles will depend on the manufacturer, obviously, which is why it pays to cast a wide net if you’re looking for something unique.

In what follows, we’ll give you a run down of the some of the pavers we’re familiar with in actually working with them. We’ll give you a brief description of the company, the kinds of pavers they make, and the relative quality. Note that most pavers are pretty much the same, as there are usually few differences between bricks. The most major difference between pavers is the consistency of the brick within the pallet, both in terms of sizes, colors, and shapes. The more consistent, the easier they are to lay and the better the final product will turn out. When you pay more for pavers, you are usually paying more for this consistency, as well as for finer colors, hardier brick, and more design options, as well as the ‘quality’ inherent in a brand name…if you believe in that sort of thing, that is. Of course, going with the recommendations of your contractor is never a bad bet, either.

Nicolock Pavers

A division of Nicolia Concrete Products, Nicolock Pavers has been around for over 50 years, and besides pavers produces precast concrete products and retaining wall systems. They are located primarily in Lindenhurst, NY, but have other branches in Newark, NJ, Northhaven, CT, and Frederick, MD. Nicolock’s pavers, according to their website, are made in the “most advanced paving production facilities in the world.” They are a third stronger than what is required for concrete paving stones. They heavily advertise their “Paver-Shield” products, claiming that their stones have smooth finishes and color all the way through the brick, unlike some competitors. They offer a lifetime warranty.

Nicolock offers a number of products: Camelback and Stone Ridge pavers, the Serafina, Verona, and Trinity walls systems, along with many different types and colors of Paver-Shield pavers. Nicolock is a solid brand, though as with any pavers, quality can sometimes vary within a pallet.


Based in New Jersey, this company has been manufacturing concrete pavers for a long time. They are one of the only paving stone firms that still mines its own materials. They thus have quality control over the whole process: from mine to your home. They claim that, “Our pride comes from making the home you keep beautiful even more beautiful. Beauty that comes not just from how something looks, but also from how it feels, invites, engages and encourages people to linger just a little bit longer.” They offer a lifetime warranty on their pavers. Like Nicolock’s Paver-Shield, Grinnell’s stones have “color-through” technology, ensuring color throughout the stone and for its lifetime. They offer traditional, vintage, and permeable pavers, as well as traditional and vintage wall stones. This is a quality paver.


Located in Pennsylvania and Quebec, Canada, Rinox is a relative newcomer to the stone, in business for over 10 years. Rinox markets its products as the most “natural” looking available. They too offer a limited lifetime warranty. Rinox sells Antique, RinoCast, and Patio pavers, as well as standard and antique retaining walls. About their products, they say: “It’s the elegance and opulence of natural stone without the installation and maintenance hassles — the perfect marriage of form and function guaranteed to turn heads and last a lifetime.” Rinox is a great paver.


Based in New York, Cambridge claims to have sold and installed over one billion pavers. They push hard on their ArmorTec technology. Color is not through the entire paver; instead, they concentrate the color on the surface, keeping the pavers new and colorful throughout their lifetimes (for which they offer a limited warranty). In response to competitors’ statements, they write, “Some other paver brands want you to think that the greater amount of color throughout the paver, the better the paver. Now you know the truth… color is not needed at all throughout the paver.” They offer many collections of pavingstones, including the Sherwood, Renaissance, KingsCourt, Excalibur, RoundTable, and Crusader collections, as well as wallstone systems.

Nicolock and Cambridge seem to have a war of words concerning the amount of color used in the pavers. Nicolock has the color go through the paver, while Cambridge has only a super strong layer near the surface. They are both pretty much about the same and will last a long time, so don’t be sucked in by any particular lines of propaganda from these or any paver manufacturers.

Other Brands

Some other brands of pavers that are also popular, but about which we don’t have much to say at this point (for now!), include Unilock, Pavestone, Capitol Pavers, Belgard, Tiletech, Pacific Pavingstone, CST, Techno-Bloc, and EP Henry.